This page contains all you need to know about the GTON Capital's governance token
$GTON - algorithmic governance token for ⚜️GC 🏛DAO


  • Total supply: 21 mln
  • Circulating supply: 15%
  • DAO Treasury holdings: 85%

Release strategies:

  • 🪙Staking: fixed APY (25%) staking
  • 🪢Bonding: 7% 7d vested 6 weeks per year and 15% 3m vested
  • POAP NFTs as yield boost for staking
  • AMM allocation for GCEco tokens
  • SPI allocation: vested in a form of custom bonds
  • Core contributors allocation: in a form of bonds
(!) all DAO treasury allocations and strategies are subject of the DAO voting.

Token allocations:

  • 15% - community holdings (staking, wallets, exchanges)
  • 20% - vested core contributors allocation
  • 65% - DAO treasury allocation (split on Ops, 🪙Staking, 🪢Bonding and ecosystem protocol allocations).
(!) all DAO treasury allocations and strategies are subject to the DAO voting.

Token economy:

  • $GTON is an algorithmic governance token pegged to GC performance index (weighted sum of fundamentals/KPIs) through 🧬Pathway
  • Relay token: on-chain and cross-chain trading proxy via OGS exchange
  • Market token: preliminary market for all upcoming ⚜️GC 🏛DAO tokens and NFTs
  • Governance token
  • 🪙Staking
  • 🪢Bonding
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