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Please note that this documentation is a work in progress and will be updated frequently.

GTON Capital (GC)—Decentralized Gold Standard For the New Digital Capital Markets

What is GC?

⚜️GTON CAPITAL (𝔾ℂ) is a 🏛 DAO that creates DeFi infrastructure and builds an ecosystem of products to advance digital capital markets.
⚜️GC unites several mutually reinforcing DeFi protocols with the aim of conducting algorithmic governance of liquidity and volume. 🏛 𝔾ℂ DAO has first introduced 🧬 Pathway, a protocol for algorithmic pricing of governance tokens that conducts operations on DEXs with liquidity that belongs to the DAO (protocol-owned liquidity, POL). 🏛 𝔾ℂ DAO uses Pathway & DAO governance to determine a set of fundamental metrics that should influence the pricing of GTON token and establish a market making system that amplifies and sustains this correlation.The DAO token $GTON's peg is tied to intrinsic value calculated on the basis of fundamental metrics, such as liquidity, total value locked, volume, number of users, contributors, partnerships and integrations.
⚜️🏛𝔾ℂ DAO governs over the 𝔾ℂ Ecosystem and makes decisions through proposal voting, with GTON as the governance token. $GTON is backed by an ever-growing treasury that generates income through 🪢bonding. Once a month, we publish Treasury Statement Reports to track DAO-owned assets and liquidity.

How will GCEco evolve?

Having started with establishing the 🪙staking and 🪢bonding mechanisms, as well as deploying 🧬 Pathway algos and bots, ⚜️GC will be moving towards a more sophisticated model of governance—DAO of DAOs—and a symbiotic ecosystem of products, eventually evolving into GCNet, a decentralized blockchain, computation, and data oracles infrastructure, which will in turn become the platform of choice for advanced digital capital markets.

Abbreviations & Symbols

#WA𝔾MI (We All 𝔾onna Make It)
⚜️ GC Eco
🧬 Pathway (PW)
🪢 Bonding
🪙 Staking
🍬 Candy
💠 SuSy
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