Mint & Bridge GCD

GCD can be minted and bridged into GTON Network via GTON CLI.

  1. Type help to see all available commands

  2. Type join to connect MetaMask wallet

  3. To mint & bridge GCD to GTON Network use command bridge <amount> <token> For example bridge 10 busd would mint 9 GCD (collaterization ratio - 90%, liquidation price for BUSD is around $0.95 - which is unlikely to happen. At any time you can redeem your tokens returning 9 GCD and getting back the 10 BUSD collateral). Works with BUSD and USDC collateral on BNB Chain

If you need to do the same manually:

  1. Approve spending of BUSD to the Vault Proxy contract: 0xAAbBB7471bCA1C152C690f10A1A9e006FE17BD7e

  2. Use CDPManager01 contract to execute the Join method for BUSD

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