Code of Conduct

Reflecting on the last months of our community journey, we are proud to have gained a growing number of committed members that share the team’s vision and support us with valuable contributions. Nonetheless, we have also seen that constructive discussions were often disturbed by short term market movements, which have direct impact on the communities sentiment leading to ever repeating price-related negativity, FUD or wrong and baseless assumptions. Even though these kinds of reactions are to be seen quite often within crypto communities, we strongly believe that they are highly destructive for any community building and engagement as well as the team’s focus on project development. In addition, community feedback oftentimes comes in the form of critics without deeper fundamental or technical context. As we understand how important feedback and engagement is for ⚜️𝔾ℂ, we want to encourage our community to always add value to their feedback, whenever potential room for improvement has been identified.

Therefore, for onboarding new members but also for the sake of positivity and productivity, a strict Code of Conduct is being introduced to our Discord, Telegram or Twitter channels and forum:

No negativity

Feedback is always welcome, but baseless and frustration driven complaints that do not help improve the project will be subject to muting. Any kind of community feedback should come in a constructive manner, adding value through actual ideas, solutions and proposals, that in turn could help the core team improve ⚜️𝔾ℂ.

No objectionable content

Posts including advertisements, FUD, fake news or any illegal content are not allowed and will be removed. Authors of such content will face immediate ban.

No disrespect

Our channels are a place for positive communication. Any type of disrespectful, violent or threatful behavior towards the team or other community members will not be tolerated.

No speculation

Any kind of market, trading and price conversations will be allowed only in the dedicated channels.

No shilling

Don’t shill tokens that have no relation to the ⚜️𝔾ℂ ecosystem. We encourage only meaningful discussions, and in this case you can mention other projects’ tokens. Aggressive shilling and spamming with messages will be banned along with users spreading them out.

Our main communication channel will be transitioned to Discord, as it allows us to manage our growing ecosystem and community in a more suitable way with a diverse set of sub-channels. Nonetheless, and even though we want to encourage our community to join and actively participate in our Discord, the core team will continue maintaining our Telegram community and announcement channels for the time being. Feedback and bug reports can also be given in the forum, through feedback forms, our official Twitter channel or a live chat functionality on the website.

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