TSR 1 - 19 Jan 2022


In accordance with the 2022 GC Roadmap proposal adopted by the DAO participants, we are starting the practice of monthly Treasury balance reports. In each subsequent report we will compare balances and their dynamics of change in dollar terms (this report has no such section since it is the first of its kind). For example, the February report will be interpreted in the context of changes that have happened since January, and so forth.

Almost all assets (#POA - protocol owned assets) are stored on so-called multisig accounts, and the totality of multisig accounts in various blockchain networks is considered the GC Treasury.

Liquidity in the form of LP tokens is also stored in the Treasury. Almost all liquidity belongs to the Treasury and is therefore classified as #POL (protocol owned liquidity).

(!) The figures presented in the report cannot be 100% accurate due to market volatility, ongoing development and market-making operations. In addition, in some cases the data is rounded up to 1 thousand in dollar terms for convenience of representation.

GTON Liquidity (#POL)

Currently, liquidity is mostly concentrated on the Fantom network in SpiritSwap's AMM DEX. However, there are also active pools on Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain. In fact, there are many more networks with the $GTON token, however, liquidity on them is still insignificant and will increase in accordance with the 2022 GC Roadmap.

The total liquidity on AMM DEXes can be calculated as the sum of all “+2% Depth” values: ~22k$ divided by 0.02 (corresponding to 2%).

Total: ~$1.1mln POL (GTON LPs).

Funds (#POA)

Funds are all crypto assets owned by the protocol which aren't GTON or GCEco tokens. We operate the following accounts managed by smart contract multisigs with different consensus policies.

Main GC Treasury

Policy: 6 out of 10 signatures, with supervision (signatures) of external advisors.

Address: 0x953555e0af401bd031a5a53c72efa81fae464276

Total: ~$3.154mln POA

Total GTON: 17.37 mln GTON

ETHNet Ops Treasury

Policy: 4 out of 6 signatures, managed by GC core contributors.

Address: 0xbE70EB523398464De569A84F447576f4f169D8d9

Total: ~$0.552mln POA

Total GTON: 1.033 mln GTON

FTMNet Ops Treasury

Policy: 4 from 6 signatures, managed by GC core contributors.

(this screenshot did not include ZOO in the amount of 478k at a price of $0.031 = $15k).

Address: 0xB3D22267E7260ec6c3931d50D215ABa5Fd54506a

Total: ~$0.43mln POA

Total GTON: 0.022mln GTON

MATICNet Ops Treasury

Policy: 4 from 6 signatures, managed by GC core contributors.

Address: 0x9b28eAB67c14df24FF7E58C6E3f852a0DC41A807

Total: ~$3.5k POA

Total GTON: 0.00mln GTON

BSCNet Ops Treasury

Policy: 4 from 6 signatures, managed by GC core contributors.

Address: 0x93b443d1f4081b58de5ca637d63e49880c04ac4a

Total: ~10k$ POA

Total GTON: 0.320mln GTON


According to the January report, the Treasury accounts own $1.1mln of #POL (that is, $0.55 mln in assets and $0.55mln in GTON at the current rate, mainly FTM and Fantom blue chips), as well as $4.151mln (mostly stablecoins) of #POA.

In total, the balance of Treasury assets excluding GTON is around $4.7mln.

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