2021 Vision

In this section we describe the basic features of the GTON Capital

⚜️GC is, first and foremost, a🏛DAO that generates value for the holders of $GTON governance token. $GTON is pegged algorithmically to the tracked fundamental parameters of the DAO via 🧬 Pathway protocol.


$GTON is the governance and utility token for the GTON Capital Ecosystem. Its value is supported by the three key use cases:

  • as DAO governance token;

  • as a reserve currency;

  • as a relay token.

The status of $GTON as a reserve currency can be attained through proactive treasury and liquidity management implemented through Pathway.

GTON Smart Contract Addresses

GTON on Ethereum: 0x01e0E2e61f554eCAaeC0cC933E739Ad90f24a86d

GTON on Fantom: 0xC1Be9a4D5D45BeeACAE296a7BD5fADBfc14602C4

🧬 Pathway

GC is a DAO that manages POL (Protocol owned assets) ($GTON LPs) based on an approach called Pathway (PW).

The sustainability of the whole GCEco is insured by Pathway - algorithmic liquidity management protocol controlled by the DAO, based on liquidity and volume growth and used to create feedback loops around key GTON metrics.

More information on Pathway can be found on the next doc page.

🪢 Bonding

It is necessary to accumulate funds in the Treasury in order for the tokenomics to remain stable in the long-term. Thus, a mechanism is needed to attract borrowed funds for a discount on the tokens in the Treasury with vesting, or a bonding mechanism. This mechanism can be used both with LP tokens with GTON, and with the tokens that form the majority of treasury reserves.

Bonding is a mechanism of liquidity accumulation by the DAO through selling GTON to potential holders with a discount (thus "bonds") for USDC, ETH or Fantom with a configurable ROI and vesting. Users can therefore onboard by picking from a range of parameters among several proposed options.

🪙 Staking

GTON can be locked on a smart contract to generate passive staking rewards with a fixed APY: this can be done through a GTON Capital Staking dApp. Staking allows one to accumulate GTON, and reduces the overall circulating supply, thereby leading to a tokenomics which is more sustainable over time. Staking also allows for implementing a delegated governance model: users can commit their GTON balances as votes which are used to elect a number of delegates who make decisions on how GC should evolve as a DAO.

You can stake GTON in the GTON Capital app here: 📺 https://cli.gton.capital/

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