GTON Network


The surge of the number of Ethereum transactions in the past few years led to more and more expensive fees. The GTON Network has its roots in L2 blockchains called Optimistic Rollups: their primary goal is to increase the throughput and reduce the cost of executing transactions. The GTON Network inherits from the Optimism L2 a fault-proof method of "rolling up" transactions and sending them in batches to Ethereum, leveraging its security. Moreover, in GTON Network, the low blockchain fees are being paid in $GCD, a multicollateralized stablecoin.

This chapter explains the architecture of GTON Network and emphasizes its features that allow it to provide low latency, low gas fees, and high throughput, which are necessary to ensure the best user experience for the users of GameFi & SocialFi dApps.

An optimistic Ethereum rollup relies on the security and the consensus mechanism of the "parent" blockchain for fraud protection. Several actors, such as sequencers, proposals, and verifiers, take part in the process to confirm the legitimacy of transactions generated by the rollup users. Another name for rollups is L2 – Layer 2.

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