In response to the question regarding the initial OGXT/GCD ratio being set at 0.32, please note the following.

Token holders are presented with two alternatives:

  • The option to execute a GTON to OGXT token swap at a ratio of 21/100, effectively receiving approximately 4.76 OGXT for each GTON. This arrangement was approved in the project's latest DAO proposal.

  • For those who wish to convert their GTON positions into liquid stablecoins, the team has offered a ratio of 1 GTON to 0.32 USD stablecoin (USDT, USDC, BUSD), which exceeds the price on decentralized exchanges (DEXes). This alternative serves as a replacement for the discontinued LP management following the community accepting the token swap proposal. The proposed OGXT/GCD ratio after the token swap is based on the final GTON price of $0.22 as determined by the market prior to the withdrawal of DEX liquidity, with an additional bonus built in. The bonus is the 0.10 GCD premium in genesis valuation for each OGXT token.

It is critical to recognize that the price of the token is subject to the unpredictable forces of the open market. Historical data shows that the price has fluctuated above and below the entry level for extended periods of time. In an open market, it remains the prerogative of each token holder to hold or dispose of tokens as they see fit. However, the project team would like to thank all backers who have remained steadfast in their support despite the opportunity to sell. The backers continue to strive to develop the ecosystem with the goal of optimizing the utility and usage of OGXT.

Nevertheless, for those seeking immediate liquidity, the option to exchange tokens at the last market determined price is available in addition to the above bonus value. This alternative is also available to those who are unable to proceed with Option 1 due to regulatory restrictions applicable to residents, citizens and corporations of the United States, as stated in the Legal Disclaimer of the GTON Capital project.

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