Since the launch of GTON, the team has been in close contact with our community and certain members in particular, who held an informal advisory role supporting GTON the last few months. This role was a natural development due to the exposure and involvement that these community members have in GTON. The team realized that leveraging this potential could enable the expanse of our core team’s competencies and help the project’s long term growth.

A special role called 👼Angels is therefore established, these are GTON holders:

  • with more than $100k value of GTON (at the moment of qualification based on transaction proofs),

  • that can add non-financial value to the ⚜️𝔾ℂ ecosystem (discussed individually upon qualification process)

Trusted GTON holders that are already qualified and engaged in an informal way, will be approached by the core team. GTON holders, that are not yet engaged but feel qualified for an active 👼Angel role, will be given the chance to apply to the Angel program. The qualification process will begin at the end of Q1 2022.

👼Angels will be chosen and qualified by the core team and their own discretion, based on the above mentioned criteria. The qualification of Angels will be reassessed every quarter and adjusted if necessary. The identities of the 👼Angels will remain undisclosed unless an Angel individually decides to publicly disclose their involvement.

Angels can, in accordance to their respective competencies, be involved as advisors in early phases along all areas of ⚜️𝔾ℂ, e.g. from the evaluation of new partnerships, products and strategies to R&D and technical considerations - if the core team sees any benefit in involving certain​:angel: Angels in these areas.

👼Angels can, in accordance to their respective competencies, be included as advisors in conversations with SPIs (strategic partners and investors), CEXes, Design/Development/PR/Legal agencies and other counterparties essential for project development and growth - if the core team sees any benefit in adding certain 👼Angels to these conversations.

The establishment of the angel role is necessary so that qualified GTON holders can be officially enabled to support the team along all ⚜️𝔾ℂ areas and developments. In order to fulfill their role, they can be given access to relevant information that may be subject to certain public restrictions: early internal evaluation, communication with SPIs and terms and conditions (assignments, mutual requirements, discounts and entitlements), agreements with CEXs, new key contributors, new advisors / Influencers and PR / Design / Dev / HR / Legal and other categories of agencies either fall under private communications or are subject to NDAs, or other legal, business or competitive restrictions and will therefore only made available to qualified 👼angels.

We want to emphasize that this new role will neither have an impact on the overall GTON governance model nor on the transparency towards our community and should only be seen as a formalized advisory role for qualified GTON holders, which have mostly been highly engaged in an informal way throughout 2021 already.

Further roles might be added in the future according to potential new ⚜️𝔾ℂ requirements. Decisions on new roles are due to governance proposals and corresponding votes.

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