TSR 4 - 19 Apr 2022

GTON Capital's Treasury Snapshot Report for April 2022

GTON Liquidity (#POL)

The total liquidity on AMM DEXes can be calculated as the sum of all “+2% Depth” values divided by 0.02 (corresponding to 2%).

~$137 602 ($0.137 mln) POL (GTON LPs)

Main GC Treasury

Address: 0x953555e0af401bd031a5a53c72efa81fae464276

Total: ~$3.152 mln POA

Total GTON: 17,37 mln

ETHNet Ops Treasury

Address: 0xbE70EB523398464De569A84F447576f4f169D8d9

Total: ~$58,252 POA

Total GTON: ~1.033 mln

FTMNet Ops Treasury

Address: 0xB3D22267E7260ec6c3931d50D215ABa5Fd54506a

Total: ~$471,694 POA

Total GTON: ~0.151 mln

MATICNet Ops Treasury

Address: 0x9b28eAB67c14df24FF7E58C6E3f852a0DC41A807

Total: ~$1,292 POA

Total GTON: ~0.034 mln

BSCNet Ops Treasury

Address: 0x93b443d1f4081b58de5ca637d63e49880c04ac4a

Total: ~$25,759 POA

Total GTON: ~0.131 mln


According to the April report, the Treasury accounts own $0.137mln of #POL and $3.709mln of #POA.

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