GTON Dollar (GCD)

GTON Dollar (GCD) is a multi-collateralized stablecoin protocol with a real use case as a native currency for GTON Network rollup. As a lending platform, it accepts different ERC20 tokens as collateral to borrow liquidity as GCD tokens. System mints GCD tokens when a debt position is created and burns GCD tokens when a debt position is closed. Staking of GCD tokens yields a sustainable APR.

GCD is a decentralized stablecoin whose value is soft pegged to the US dollar, which means that GCD attempts to maintain a value of $1 USD. GTON Money protocol used for minting GCD is a fork of Unit Protocol. GCD is multi-collateralized, which means that it's fully-backed by collateral in the form of different third-party cryptoassets.

A key component of the architecture is a bridge system for ERC20 tokens and for GCD. The minting of the native stablecoin token occurs only in the GTON Network, and through the MNTR bridge, the stablecoin is made available on the Ethereum network as an ERC20 token.

The original blockchain of the GTON utility token is Ethereum, but the standard ERC20 bridge allows it to be transferred to the GTON Network. The protocol of the multi-collateral stablecoin GTON Dollar is deployed only in GTON Network. In order to mint GCD, it is necessary to bridge ERC20 tokens available as collateral to the GTON Network and lock them as CDP (collateralized debt position).

Different dApps can be deployed on the rollup, whose users will use GCD to pay transaction fees, the funds from which go to the sequencer and then to treasury and are further redistributed in the form of staking rewards for two types of stakers: GTON stakers (on the Ethereum network) and GCD stakers (on GTON Network).

Thus, positions in GTON and GCD allow the user to participate in passive value extraction from any transactional activity on the GTON Network.

All circulating GCDs are generated within the system that allows a user to mint it. The user can lock any amount of the asset, which the protocol accepts as collateral and borrow the GCD stablecoin in return. As a result, the user will obtain some amount of liquidity in order to use that liquidity as an additional income tool without selling their asset.

The repayment of the debt and collateral withdrawal can be performed at any time after a debt position has been opened. GCD is destroyed when loans are paid back.

The complete list of the currently available collaterals can be found and GCD can be minted through GTON CLI.

GCD is used as the native currency on the GTON Network.

Token Symbol: GCD Decimals: 18 Token Address Ethereum:

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