You can stake GTON in the GTON Capital app here: 📺 https://cli.gton.capital/ Tokens are distributed according to the parameters previously voted upon by the community: GTON staking with 22.32% fixed APR with daily reward harvesting.

Example: Every 100 staked GTON will generate ~2 GTON for the staker every month, with reward distribution happening each block, i.e. ~1 per second.

How to harvest rewards?

Once you add GTON to staking, sGTON is being minted that represents your GTON harvest balance. - You can withdraw GTON from staking or increase the staking balance at any time. - You can withdraw your rewards in sGTON as GTON by calling harvest command once per day. When you harvest, sGTON converts into GTON automatically. - You can also reinvest your harvested GTON by sending it to staking in order to generate more rewards, so your sGTON balance will be increased.

Why is Staking needed?

  • To let holders keep and accumulate GTON over time: accumulation as the basic use case.

  • Tokens being put in staking will reduce the circulating supply, thus making GTON a deflationary currency.

  • At a later stage, staking will be used for governance and block mining consensus in GCNet.

  • Staking is also a tool for designing flexible and scalable governance models and incentivization systems such as delegated governance.

  • Staking will be used in the upcoming "growth hacking" strategies such as referral or ambassador programs.

  • Staking is a sustainable revenue model for system contributors.

How to find a sustainable APY?

  • First of all, the parameters are not hard-coded and can be redefined by the DAO at any time based on the ongoing market dynamics, product use cases, or any other consideration.

  • GC is, first and foremost, an ecosystem of products, with a goal of eventually transforming into GCNet (L1). If we apply statistics, the APY must be comparable to the staking value of the DeFi tokens and L1 staking parameters:

  • 25% APY equals to 22.23% APR according to https://www.aprtoapy.com/

  • With 25% APY, a GTON holder who staked 1000 GTONs will receive 250 GTONs by the end of a year.

How much should we allocate for Staking rewards?

  • According to the 🧬PW v1.x DAO vote, we agreed to have ~25% circulating supply at the end of the period (20 epochs). Therefore, the circulating supply will be 0.25·21mln = 5.25mln GTONs. 25% of this amount can be released in the form of staking rewards, which gives us 1.3 mln GTONs (~6% of TS) allocated for Staking (max allocation, most likely will be less).

Will APY be fixed, meaning no dilution with new staking deposits coming?

  • Yes, APY will be fixed until the next ⚜️GC-🏛DAO vote (ideally in 20 epochs).

What is sGTON?

  • sGTON is the staked GTON - a transferable token for voting/transfer purposes.

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