⚜️GC Ecosystem (⚜️GCEco) includes 🍬Candy, a one-sided liquidity mining and staking solution, 🏹OGS, a zero-fee AMM DEX, and 🧬Pathway, an algorithmic solution for managing Protocol-Controlled Assets (PCA) and Protocol-Owned Liquidity (POL).
GTON Capital is helped by 🐇SuSy, a capital efficient liquidity bridge and a Chainlink-based decentralized oracle network, to meet infrastructure needs and attain cross-chain presence.
🏹 OGS is a decentralized exchange based on uniswapv2 with zero commission per trade and routing in AMM pools with GTON as the only market. $OGS is a reward token of the exchange for trading volumes.
🍬Candy is a single sided liquidity farming product and is the second source of GTON and TVL liquidity growth on OGS DEX. $CANDY is a reward token with a pool to GTON, and is also a governance token of the Candy protocol. The IDO of this token on the OGS launchpad will occur at this step.
The new tokens of the GTON Capital ecosystem (Candy and OGS) are to become available in the form of IDO to $GTON. For instance, during the IDO, $CANDY will be released into an AMM pool with $GTON — $CANDY/$GTON, meaning that the only way to buy it initially will be to exchange $GTON to $CANDY.
Both the OGS and Candy products will work jointly to stimulate volume and liquidity generation for GTON. OGS starts as a zero-fee AMM, however the parameter for fees can be tweaked at a later stage by the DAO.
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